Update: continuous integration for dot net core

Oct 27, 2016

A few months ago I published articles about continuous integration for dot net core projects.

Obviously it was really early in this “new framework” lifecycle (we were still on a beta version back then) and the tooling plus processes evolved a lot since.

Good news is you don’t need anymore a complex and often crashing powershell script. You don’t need anymore special tasks either other than standard command line and azure publishing tasks.

The other good news is that Microsoft documented all of that:


With that being said these articles from my blog are still relevant at the moment (some might need an update for the commands, I’ll probably do it in the comments)

Building DNX projects using home installed build agent (TFS, VSTS)

Units tests using xUnit and Visual Studio Team Services for DNX projects

Controlled update of SQL databases Schema with Entity Framework Code First in a continous delivery process

These ones are now useless

Error publishing asp.net 5 (core) websites to Azure

New tasks to build/release dotnetcore project with vsts

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