Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Houston 2019

Apr 2, 2019

It is the second time in a few years I have the ooportunity to speak at the SharePoint Saturday Houston.

I’ll give a speech about “Automating Provisioning For Your Digital Workplace: With Azure Durable Functions & Microsoft Graph

Together we will see how you can improve your provisioning workflows and automate most of it leveragingAzure Durable Functions and the Microsoft Graph. This session is geared mostly towards developers but also for IT pros and deciders that want to gain insights on how to combine business processes and provisioning.

Together we will see a lot of demonstrations, examples.

If you’re in the area Saturday April, the 5th 2019 don’t hesitate to register to the event.

**Just as a reminder SPS are free events organized by the community with lot of great sessions.**This is a good occasion to expand your network, learn a lot of things and to spend a good day.

See you there!

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