Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Montréal 2016

Mar 30, 2016

This year again I have the opportunity to speak at the SPS Montréal

I also had the occasion to help organize the event this year, it’s been an interesting experience so far and I’d like to thank Serge, Nico, Luc, Seb and Fabrice for their implication in that project, it’s much more work than what we think!

This time I’ll talk about setting up your release pipeline for SharePoint/Office 365 developments in Visual Studio Online (Team Foundation Services). (In French)

We’ll see how you can automate all the things to make your development team more productive and more efficient. For that we’ll see how to set up build and release definitions and how you can leverage both azure and on premises environments

Note: you’ll find a lot of very good sessions during this free event happening on April the 2nd. Come join us!


See you on Saturday!

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