Repackaging of SharePoint 2010 language packs

Mar 8, 2014

SharePoint 2010 service pack 2 came out a few months ago from now. It brings lot of new things, I’ll blog about that in further posts.

One of these new things is the repackaging of language packs.

Indeed you may have missed it but it is not required anymore to do a progressive installation in order to support MUI in SharePoint 2010 when setting up a new farm.

Before, when one wanted to install language packs (let’s take for example French English and Spanish), one had to:

  • Install SharePoint RTM in English

  • Install French and Spanish Language packs

  • Install SP1

  • Install SP1 for French and English language packs

  • Etc…

And one had to do it on every server of the farm, which could take time.


Fortunately Microsoft repackaged language packs when SP2 came out, you only need to install lp’s over it, which gives us with same example:

  • Install SharePoint SP2 in English

  • Install French and Spanish language packs

That will save us a lot of time during deployments.

You still can (should) update an existing farm installing SP2 + SP2 for language packs.

Here are the links:

(hey, don’t forget to run psconfig on every machine after installing sp2 ;-) )

I hope you’ll save time when installing new farms.

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