Outstanding announcements of the SharePoint Conference 2014 for Office 365

Mar 25, 2014

Microsoft has given much information during the SharePoint Conference 2014. It is sometimes difficult to not miss something, so I made a summary of information that marked me.

Storage evolution 1 TB and beyond!

During the SharePoint Conference 2014 Microsoft announced a significant change in the limitations of SharePoint Online Storage: 1 TB Max per site collection (including the “mysite” or onedrive for business) and unlimited storage (understanding billed per GB) by tenant.

Key points:

  • Plans E1 to E4 and A1 to A4 are concerned, small business and medium plans are limited to 1 and 20 TB because they have only one and twenty collections of sites. Government, dedicated plans and home prenium are not concerned.

  • By default the onedrive for business remains limited to 25 GB, we need to change the parameter from your administration of holding.


New plan available

A new plan emerged, the personal. Identical to the Home Prenium (which will be now called Home) but cheaper and restricted to one person only.


Free Apress eBook for migrating to Office 365

A press has recently directed a free ebook which deals with the migration to Office 365


Change management in Office 365

I came across a very good article by Chris O’Brien referring to this problem and future developments. The updates publication time for SharePoint online is very fast. Customers have no pre-production environments and are not warned in advance when an update is the impact. This can lead to some surprises during the deployments of updates by Microsoft especially when the customer has customized its environment.

Fortunately Microsoft will address this issue with:

  • Implementation of an infrastructure of tenant notification to notify changes.

  • Creation of a pre-release clients group (reduced number, under NDA).

  • Creation of a first to be deployed to clients group (updates take several days to deploy on Office 365), you can activate it from your tenant.

  • More communications about what happens (public roadmap) via the office team blogs

The main article is available at this address https://www.sharepointnutsandbolts.com/2014/03/Office-365-first-release-and-NDA-preview.html

Office Graph and Code Name Oslo

Microsoft introduced two new technologies working together. The first one, office graph is a learning machine that will iterate through all your data, contacts, appointments, etc and link the items to each other in a logical way. For example Office graph will overlap with the fact that you attended a meeting and that a powerpoint presentation was made at this meeting. This way you will be able to search “presentations which I assisted” for example.

Another technology introduced: Oslo. Oslo analysis data provided by Office Graph, analysis your search behavior and other parameters to present proactively the elements that might assist you in your work. For example the records of my domain on which my colleagues have worked recently. Or at least, it will provide an enhanced search.

These are two quite complex concepts to explain in writing. But I think it’s a big step forward: the computer becomes little by little “smart.” Best remains that you were watching the video below or you do a tour on the team blog to get your idea.

Last detail, Oslo is already available to members of the TAP program customers. General availability is expected at the end of calendar year.



Power BI and data connection on premise

Finally something that has been a little less heard of during the SPC, the general availability of Power BI. It is true that it happened about two weeks before but it is also a big feature of office 365 platform.

Reminder: Power BI provides the possibility to operate your data in-house, external, in documents, on the internet, in short all your data and view them in a simple, intuitive and meaningful way. This is the BI made available to users who are now themselves capable of building their reports, dashboards, to query data to finally draw their conclusions.


If you want to see what looks like Power BI, a lot of videos and examples are available here https://www.Microsoft.com/en-us/powerbi/default.aspx#fbid= iHsGFNGKN85 (as well as a free trial version)

Recently Kameron Berget has posted a great article on how to expose your data on prem in power BI.



So here are the outstanding office 365/SharePoint online facts that I found very interesting in recent weeks.

If you want some more you can go take a look at the blog of the office team or at Chris O’Brien’s, very complete.



What may I have missed? What are your outstanding announcements?

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