.Net Library for Alchemy API

Aug 18, 2015


It has been several months I’ve been “playing” with multiple semantic analysis services. I especially discovered www.alchemyapi.com in April. One interested thing about them being that IBM recently acquired them.

Semantic analysis

What is semantic analysis? It’s analyzing text data (or sometimes pictures too) and trying to understand the meaning of the content in order to extract metadata from it. It’s a little lit if I were to give you a document and ask you to read it and say “what concepts is it about? What entities (persons, cities, places, dates…)? etc.”. The ultimate goal being to extract everything automatically.

The library

Noticing they didn’t have any official .net library and needing one to test it, I decided to code it.

Rather than producing “hacky” code, I did my best to make clean and reusable code. Moreover, instead of keeping the code for myself I put it on github and created a nuget package so that other developers can start up easily.

If you want to check-out/fix my code, it’s over here.


If you want to play with the lib, it’s over there.


I’ve been surprised by the fact that this library has been downloaded several hundred times in a few months. We’ll see how this project evolves J

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