Lessons learned from API client generation - 09 Conclusion

Oct 1, 2022

This is the final entry in our series. First, I’d like to thank the Microsoft Graph DevX team for all the hard work to make Kiota a reality over the last 2 years. Special thanks to Darrel Miller for mentoring me on JSON schema and OpenAPI as well as the deep and open technical discussions.

Then, I’d like to thank the organizing committee for the API specifications conference for inviting me to speak about this topic, which sparked a bunch of interesting follow ups during the event.

I hope this series was insightful to most of you and thank you if you made it all the way to these last lines. In terms of follow ups:

  • Try out Kiota and give us feedback.
  • Contact me if you want to work on solving those issues.
  • I’ll start by trying to solve the enum issue and iterate from there with a few people who expressed their desire to help during the conference.

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