Joining 2ToLead

Dec 23, 2016

Big step for me during this 2016 celebrations season as I decided to leave Negotium for 2ToLead

Good Bye Negotium

Since I joined AlphaMosaik more than four years ago (I originally joined only for 18 months huh…), by the acquisition by Negotium and up to this day my working environment and the company I was part of changed a lot.

This company allowed me to maturate and to learn a lot on cultural, personal and professional aspects. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody I had the occasion to work with during this period of time.

Hello 2ToLead

I’m joining a young, innovating, fast growing company as a “Office 365 and Azure developer”. I’ll be lucky enough to work with brilliant people I met within the communities.

These guys are just impressive, whitepapers with tens of thousands downloads, sessions at Ignite, fast growing… I hope I’m going to be up to speed.

I’ll be the 3rd MVP to join the company also composed of former MSFT’s.

Beyond my direct technical expertise, I’d like my new family to benefit from my knowledge around devops processes.

See you soon, and thank you for being this many to read me.

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