Guest on the Microsoft Graph Community call (June): The Online Meeting Solution

Aug 4, 2018


I must admit I’ve not been on page lately for the blog posts. However, I had the privilege (among other great speakers) to present during the Microsoft Graph Community call for the month of June.

Microsoft Graph Community calls are online webinar organized by the Microsoft Graph Team. The Team usually presents announcements and then allows time for community speakers to presents discoveries, real life solutions and lessons learnt with the Microsoft Graph. Those call are free to attend and if you’re not already registered, here is all the information you need.

During this edition I was presenting a real-life solution that we (2toLead) built and deployed to more than 100 000 users. This solution helps the customer be more efficient when organizing online meetings by creating the invitations in Exchange, creating a structured space in SharePoint to capture key elements (agenda, tasks, comments…) and creating a Skype online meeting so people can attend virtually.

This solution relies heavily on the Microsoft Graph and during the project we learnt a few tricks I’m sharing during the demonstration that could be useful to any of you building solutions that take advantage of the Microsoft Graph.

Here is the the recording that also contains awesome demonstration with Flow and PowerApps.

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