Guest of the Intrazone podcast

Jan 5, 2019

As 2018 is concluding (we’ll be in 2019 by the time this blog post is published), I’ve taken a few days off to rest, spend time with the family, play video games, read, watch movies and… catch up on my blog posts writing.

Almost a month ago now I was presenting at the SharePoint Saturday Toronto, huge thanks to Eric Riz, Kanwal Khipple and Noorez Khamiz for organizing the event! More importantly, they had to find a new venue at the last minute because the original one was forced to closed done for a few days and they pulled it off!

During the event Yana Berkovich, Kate Wilson, Sherman Woo, Mark Kashman and myself got together to record an episode of the Intrazone podcast: SharePoint from the Canadian POV.

During this episode we talked about different subjects including development, governance, information architecture, data visualization and much more, I encourage you to check it out!

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