Git Migration – cleaning up TFS references

Jan 11, 2016

I recently had to migrate multiple source repositories from TFS to GIT (Git on vsonline). To do so I used Git Tfs which does the job and is well documented

There’s one step where they instruct you to remove *.vspscc and *.vssscc files and to clean up *.sln and *.*proj files from TFS references.

This will prevent Visual Studio from trying to reconnect to TFS every time you open the project/solution.

I was surprise I couldn’t find any script to do so. Therefore, I had to build it myself and it came to me that others could use that script so here it is:

You just have to call it passing the git directory path as a parameter (don’t forget to do it for every branch if needed).


Good luck migrating your repos!

PS: I also opened a discussion on whether or not Git Tfs should include this script, don’t hesitate to come share your thoughts about it

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