Determine your technical debt using SonarQube - Conclusion

Oct 6, 2017

Installing and setting up SonarQube may seem quite complex and tedious.

I hope that this series has helped you to go faster implementing it.

Now, you can clearly identify your technical debt and take actions to improve the quality of your developments.

It is obvious that when a thousand problems appear in the code at once, it can be discouraging, just keep this in mind:

  • There are false positives, make a first pass to ignore/exclude those

  • Try to have a policy like “no commit should make the situation worse” or even better “each commit must correct all the problems on the edited files” Which will allow you to improve the situation little by little.

  • Some organizations prefer to do one or two sprints of technical debt solving to get a fresh start

How about you? did you find this useful? feel free to comment.

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