Determine your technical debt using SonarQube - Monitoring the results

Oct 2, 2017


Static analysis errors will appear as of the warnings in the compilation section. A static analysis badge will also appear on the build report and you’ll be able to have detailed and comprehensive information from SonarQube.

Information incorporated with the build

When displaying the details of a build, you’ll now find a new section dedicated to SonarQube. Within that section, besides the quality badge, you’ll also find a link to the static analysis results details. Also under the build section, all static analysis critical issues will show up as warnings.


Note: that only shows up for the msbuild kind of projects.

Details available in SonarQube

From your SonarQube web portal, you’ll find detailed static analysis results indicating how the code got better or worse. Using SonarQube you can build new dashboard that will help you have a clear vision at glance of your code quality and how to improve it.



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