Determine your technical debt using SonarQube - Creating and configuring a service account for VSTS in SonarQube

Sep 27, 2017


To prevent anyone from sending analysis results to our SonarQube installation, we need to secure the access to its services. To do so, we’ll configure a service account.

Creating the service account

From SonarQube, go to administration, security, users, and add an account.

Next click on the “tokens" cell for the account we just created an generate a new personal access token.

You can also refer to that documentation if you’re not sure how to generate a PAT

Provisioning the service account

To leverage this service account in VSTS, go to your team project, click settings, Services and click on “New service endpoint" and “SonarQube". Then enter the URL of your SonarQube installation, a display name for the connection and the Personal Access Token.


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