Determine your technical debt using SonarQube - Setting up Azure Active directory for authentication

Sep 25, 2017


We will install and configure an add-on to delegate authentication to Azure Active Directory. This will allow our developers to use the same account between Visual Studio Team Services and SonarQube.

Configuration of the authentication module

Since version 5.4 SonarQube provides an additional plugin relying on the OAuth protocol to communicate with AAD. This will allow the users to leverage their corporate account to access SonarQube, providing SSO and simplifying the administrators job by having a central identity repository.

The setup procedure is already well documented, rather than duplicating it, here is a link to the resources.

Installing the SonarQube extension to VSTS

Visual Studio Team Services provides a highly extensible model to third parties so they can integrate their solution with VSTS.

SonarQube has implemented build tasks and service definitions for VSTS. Before being able to leverage SonarQube from VSTS you need first to install the corresponding extension.

To do so, just click on the link provided bellow and click on install, you need to be team project collection administrator to install extensions.

Note: for on premises TFS installations, it will require a few more steps, see this link:

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