Determine your technical debt using SonarQube - Installing the machine

Sep 18, 2017


We will update the machine, install docker, and provision the containers we need.

Installation of docker and updating the machine

Connect to the machine using SSH (Putty is a very good client for windows) and run the following commands:

Setting up containers, creating the certificates

The containers are the components of our system managing the web traffic and providing the SonarQube service.

To secure connections, we will also generate self-signed SSL certificates which is not the easiest thing to do when someone is not used to working with linux environments. It’s most likely to be the case for developers using Visual Studio Team Services (or TFS) because they come mostly from the Windows world.

I shared configuration scripts on Github to help you. Obviously if you have your own certificates, or if your environment already has some pre-existing configurations, you can edit this script.

(see the SSL part of the script)

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